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Blood Test by Post

A fast and simple test...

Taking charge of your health has never been this easy. The personalized recommendations made based on laboratory analysis give you the tools to take action and correct any potential deficiency. Thanks to mybiopassport, be the hero of your own health.

For you

No matter the test, the mybiopassport kit is delivered with all the necessary instructions to ensure the quality and security of your sample.

The first of its kind, mybiopassport is essentially your at-home laboratory. Indeed, we combine a simple at-home collection process with our state-of-the-art laboratory and our team of scientists, so as to deliver a precise and rigorous result accessible directly from the comfort of your home. 


When your sample arrives at our laboratory, it follows a rigorous process put into place by our expert scientists.

The information contained in your blood

Mybiopassport's unique system is based on a simple and efficient blood collection technology, a reliable laboratory analysis of an unequaled panel of biomarkers, and the delivery of personalized recommendations supported by a proprietary technology.

Actionable and personalized results