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Be the hero of your own health

Making your biological data both understandable and actionable, 1 test at a time.


Blood tests have been around for a long time, but the results are almost always written in a way only understandable by health care practitioners. Mybiopassport seeks to simplify this process, by giving you easy-to-understand, precise scientific data that pertains to your health.

The drive behind this came from the founders, Dr Jean-Marc Leroux and Dr Pierre-Edouard Sottas, who for a long time worked in the upper echelons of biological and pharmaceutical companies, and realized that this kind of testing and data was almost only available to the elite.

This original concept was imagined by Dr Pierre- Edouard Sottas, one of the creators of the biological passport for athletes, who replicated this methodology in a way that allows the general population to understand the data pertaining to their well-being, and take action for themselves.

Thus was born our motto “Be the hero of your own health”. Now, they seek to democratize these solutions through Mybiopassport. Indeed, we envision a world where each and every person can be responsible for its own health through affordable screening solutions, allowing everyone to take control of its health by taking action to maintain or improve it.

We empower individuals to take their health
into their own hands.

A quick and simple test...

We imagine a world where everyone has access to affordable blood testing, allowing them to take control of their health through actions destined to improve or maintain it based off of understandable and personalized information.

The Laboratory

A technology capable of measuring an unparalled number of biomarkers in only a few drops of blood now available to anyone. Reliable results that you can trust.

Unleashing the power of multiplex analysis

Mass spectrometry allows the robust identification and quantitation of molecules through their mass.

Both high resolution mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry are multiplex technologies that allow the simultaneous analysis of a large number of molecules in a small volume of blood, this without compromising the reliability of the results.

This differs from traditional analytical assays that require a given amount of blood per biomarker, which strongly limits the number of biomarkers that can be measured.

Whereas the analysis of biomarkers by traditional laboratory technology requires a given amount of blood per biomarker, with each biomarker analyzed after each other, multiplex assays allow the simultaneous measurement of numerous biomarkers.

Mass spectrometry is the king of multiplex analytical techniques because of the differentiation of the molecules based on their mass, and this simultaneously in a single analytical run. Results remain reliable thanks to the unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry.

High resolution mass spectrometry has the additional advantage that it is very selective since it measures the exact mass of a compound allowing even minor changes in structure to be distinguished. While the use of high resolution mass spectrometry has until now remained limited to major academic institutions, our laboratories make this technology available to everyone.

Another mass spectrometry analytical technique used in our laboratories is inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. This technique is the reference method for the analysis of metals and other elements with unsurpassed precision and sensitivity. Mass spectrometry is particulary suited for the analysis of molecules in a small volume of blood, such as dried blood obtained from a simple finger prick.

In our laboratory we have optimized the analysis of dried blood by mass spectrometry to allow the precise and accurate measurement of thousands of molecules in just 4 drops of blood. For example, for the first time, our laboratory is able to measure a comprehensive panel of micronutrients out of the 4 classes of essential micronutrients, namely vitamins, both hydrosoluble and liposoluble, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

Also, our panels do only include biomarkers for which we can provide actionable recommendations to live a healthier life, and not quantities that just pinpoint abnormalities for which we cannot do anything. Our laboratories meet the most rigorous standards for reliability, stability, and validity. They participate to external quality controls to ensure reliable results that you can trust.

Our team

None of this would be possible without our dedicated team of experts. Indeed, it is made up of professionals from all backgrounds, with a common goal : empowering individuals to become the heroes of their own health.

Olivier Bruttin

Laboratory Director

He worked in many aspects of large labs and accumulated tens of years of experience. He loved the concept of mybiopassport, and joined our team to help develop these patient-oriented solutions. He firmly believes that personalized medicine is the future and that everyone should have access to their health data.

Lisa Grossenbacher

ASDD dietician

She has worked for more than 6 years in prevention and health promotion. She joined CoreMedica Europe to advise and support everyone in maintaining, or even improving, their well-being and health through nutrition.

Camille Ferrier


After ten years of experience in hematology, she has specialized in validation and management of automatons. She joined Coremedica Europe in order to set up new tools and to bring her expertise to the laboratory team.

Marie-Line Palmero

Quality Manager

A laboratory manager with 19 years’ experience in a Central Laboratory servicing clinical trial studies worldwide within various regulatory environments. She finds the challenge at mybiopassport - build a talented team, improve quality of services, and increase customer satisfaction in a challenging and stimulating environment - very exciting.

Baptiste Grund

Analytical chemical engineer

He worked for 4 years in analytical chemistry, and has developed multiple mass spectrometry analytical methods. He joined CoreMedica Europe as he was passionate about the goal of making each person's biological information available to them through mass spectrometry.

Loic Wächter

Chemical laboratory technician

After three years of studying chemistry, he made the decision to pursue a more technical aspect of the job and accomplished a laboratory worker diploma from the Mass Spectrometry platform from the Geneva University, where he discovered a passion for mass spectrometry. Having recently joined the mybiopassport team, he is passionate about this project and happy to be working in a full laboratory.